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Hey Y’all

May 2, 2009

Just a little something about us before we kick off our blog…

Bushido Rags is a global clothing company that designs, produces and distributes fighting sports-inspired apparel and accessories. Founded in 2008, we have built a network of talented designers worldwide, and we will bloody our knuckles and burn our lungs to bring the highest quality products to you. Giving anything less than 100% isn’t an option to us. Our mission is to clothe and inspire warriors across the world through innovative designs and quality apparel. The essence of our brand is individual expression, warrior spirit and a passion for life that were embodied by the warriors of the past, such as the Apache Indians, Japanese Samurais, Roman Gladiators, Norse Vikings, and Spartan soldiers, and now personified by today’s mixed martial arts (MMA) warriors.

Bushido Rags Website: