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Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson

May 2, 2009

I’ve been catching up on my reading and finally got to my October 2008 issue of Muscle & Fitness Magazine. I read an article on Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson; man, this dude is a true warrior. He overcame some obstacles in his young life, such as witnessing the death of his old brother at an early age by a drunk driver, losing his father to jail during his childhood, losing another brother the night before he was to workout at the NFL Combine before the draft, and growing up poor.

Adrian didn’t let his environment or circumstances dictate the man he was going to become. I am so impressed with how resilient and resourceful AD is. For instance, without money to buy traditional workout equipment, he used old water jugs he found lying around that he filled with sand or water, tied a rope to, and dragged on the ground behind him at a dead sprint. He also tied the jugs to both ends of a pole, put that pole on his back and did squats with it. He’s now one of best players in the league period.

Although, I’m a Niners fan, I can still appreciate that Adrian Peterson is a true warrior. My takeaway from this… man, I’ve got no more excuses.  I’m going to go outside right now and kick out five miles around the neighborhood.  Late, y’all.

Adrian Peterson - Muscle & Fitness Magazine

Adrian Peterson - Muscle & Fitness Magazine

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